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The Allergy Fanatics
Haley and Kiley, the allergy fanatics, holding flowers.
Haley and Kiley, the allergy fanatics!

Who We Are

We are Haley and Kiley, allergy finatics! Haley is a senior at Suffolk University studying political science and education. While Kiley just graduated Suffolk University Spring of 2022 earning her Bachelor of Arts in legal studies and political science. Both of us are passionate about social justice and value educating people about the issues that matter, but are often overlooked. 


Back in 2019, Haley found herself in the back of an ambulance, with an oxygen mask over her face, and EMTs all around her, begging her to stay with them as she began to flatline. Her eyes closed and just like that she thought her life was over. Luckily for her, the epi-pen injection gave her just enough adrenaline to hold on. Since that scary encounter with death, Haley has been a strong advocate for allergy awareness and social justice. 

This is a picture of Haley right after she woke up from having anaphylaxis
A picture of Haley waking up in the hospital after having anaphylaxis to hazelnut.

As Haley’s girlfriend, Kiley has seen first handedly how severely allergies affect her life and the lives of all people with allergies. Simple things such as grocery shopping or going to a restaurant are not simple but rather stressful and frustrating. People with allergies are reading labels that say “may contain” and are constantly asking waiters what is in their food just for them to reply that they have NO idea. Having an allergy is an overlooked issue just as much as the issues faced by any other marginalized group. Arguably, one of the toughest things to deal with because your life’s on the line. So going out to eat at new restaurants or trying new foods becomes a stressful experience rather than a fun and exciting one. 


We wanted to create this blog to educate people of the dangers and everyday struggle that the average person does not need to consider. In hopes that it will inspire some of you to become passionate about allergy social justice too! Anaphylaxis is something that many people have to deal with but is barely talked about. It is time to change that.

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