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Just in time for Thanksgiving

Buy on Amazon A heartfelt and lushly illustrated fairy tale portraying the importance of gratitude and family. Miles and his father, a poor but loving carpenter without much work, live in a modest hovel and are often hungry without enough food. When a magical and tiny man appears only to Miles, Lord Biglio, as he is called, grants the boy a wish. It doesn’t take long for Miles to ask for a rich manor house with plenty to eat and plenty of gold coins, and soon he finds himself living in grandeur among noblemen and noblewomen. Yet once Miles realizes that his father is not present, it...

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Simply Bella

Buy on Amazon English Spanish ♥♥♥ Being different is what makes you you! ♥♥♥ Bella is a sweet new puppy, born in a barn and living among many other puppies just like her, or one would think. But with her bent ear, tiny teeth that stick out of her mouth, and her small stature, Bella is…different. While the other dogs prance and jump around, tiny Bella hides so she is out of the way of her bounding brothers and sisters. When young Lucas and his sister Elly visit the farm with their parents to meet a pup to bring home, they notice many of the other dogs were outgoing, or beautiful,...

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Should you worry about your children and schooling during the COVID19 pandemic?

I’ve been a child developmental psychologist for over 20+ years. Here’s my opinion on children and school. Children will have a similar experience in school or out as COVID runs its course. School is NOT in any way, shape, or form the same right now whether you’re “in the classroom” or not. I know parents want their kids back to school but “school” is not school right now and it just can’t be. Children will be fine! Enjoy the time you have with them as much as possible. What they most need is parents who are alive, parents who are not mourning the loss of their parents and siblings’ deaths,...

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