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Soup Joumou: Not Just a Soup

Book Context

It is New Year’s Day and Alix and Annabelle are excited to help their Grandma Cleo make a traditional soup to celebrate the occasion. As they gather up vegetables, Grandma Cleo explains why Soup Joumou is so important to the Haitians’ celebration.

The Importance of Soup Joumou

She tells the children that long ago, before Haiti gained its independence from France, there were many slaves in Haiti. They were forbidden to eat Soup Joumou. Only the free were permitted to enjoy the dish. Now, Soup Joumou has become a symbol of their independence. Those of Haitian heritage honor their ancestors who fought for freedom and the slaves who hadn’t been able to eat the traditional dish.

Alix and Annabelle, while saddened by this story, are thrilled to invite their neighbors in their celebration. They have a great idea to share the seeds of their grandmother’s joumou so that all can plant and grow their very own joumou for their traditional New Year’s Day celebrations.

Soup Joumou Extras Filled With Fun

Complete with back of the book activities, this dual language, told in English and French Creole, story provides a wonderful opportunity for all families to learn about history and other cultures. The book also promotes gardening as a way to encourage nutritious cooking, healthy eating, and food sustenance.

Where are the Proceeds Going?

All proceeds from book and coloring book sales will benefit CEEDS4Change. Ceeds4Change is a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness and educate in an effort to reduce food insecurities in underserved communities.

 Dual language, told in English and French Creole,

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