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Simply Bella
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♥♥♥ Being different is what makes you you! ♥♥♥

Bella is a sweet new puppy, born in a barn and living among many other puppies just like her, or one would think. But with her bent ear, tiny teeth that stick out of her mouth, and her small stature, Bella is…different. While the other dogs prance and jump around, tiny Bella hides so she is out of the way of her bounding brothers and sisters.

When young Lucas and his sister Elly visit the farm with their parents to meet a pup to bring home, they notice many of the other dogs were outgoing, or beautiful, or athletic. But the one that stood out to them was the sweet small dog with the bent ear and sticking out teeth and who, to them, was “simply Bella.”

Being unique is what made Bella stand out, and Lucas and Elly open their hearts to their new puppy who responds with a new strength, confidence, and happiness…and a tiny, toothed smile. A perfect read-aloud for families and educators of young children to promote self-love.

English and Spanish editions available wherever books are sold.

Price: $9.99

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Simply Bella…is a fun easy read with a delightful message. I loved how a pup that was the runt of her litter captured the hearts and minds of a family who were in search of owning a family pet. Bella with her floppy ear, overbite, and shyness stood out amongst her competition at the farm and shined so ever brightly with her imperfections! – Bridget L. Searchy-Robinson

Simply “Bella” is right! This story is absolutely adorable, I can’t wait to read it to my class!  – Melanie Alvarado

Wonderful book for children. A very simple yet loving story of a family looking for a pet. Fantastic illustrations. Short and sweet. – acvelo

Adorable illustrations! Sweet story with creative and adorable illustrations!  – Cathy D.