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The Beginnings

Purple Owl Publishing was started by Debra Harkins in 2019. A lifelong educator and practitioner of developmental, clinical and community psychology, Debra wanted to not only create books that entertain and teach the world but provide a platform for those whose voices are usually not heard. Purple Owl Publishing is especially interested in publishing children’s books with a social justice message.
After going through the creation process of a few academic books, Debra realized how hard the process was to navigate to get her books published, that is why she created her own publishing company that could help authors get their empowering and educational stories published economically, hassle-free and quickly with higher percentage of royalties.
Debra A. Harkins

Khanda’s Adventures

Her first book with POP was Khanda’s Adventure through the Milky Way, a children’s story inspired by her own grandchildren and great nieces and nephews with a powerful message embedded within: never let anyone take your voice from you. 

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