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Our Story

The Beginnings

Who we are:

Purple Owl Publishing is a publishing house that focuses on social justice stories. It was founded in 2019 by Debra A. Harkins, an educator, and practitioner of developmental, clinical, and community psychology. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Purple Owl Publishing is dedicated to creating books that entertain and teach the world, and provide a platform for those whose voices are usually not heard. Purple Owl Publishing is currently focusing on publishing children’s books with a cultural responsive message.


The mission of Purple Owl Publishing is to foster an environment that shows respect and
commitment to authors whose voices are underrepresented within traditional publishing
houses, and to educate audiences on social justice and culturally aware storytelling.


The vision for Purple Owl Publishing is to become a leading publishing house for
underrepresented voices, alongside educating younger generations on social justice and
cultural responsiveness.


Purple Owl Publishing promises to help underrepresented authors publish quality works
regarding culture, multilingual learning, social justice and activism, while entertaining and
educating through captivating stories.

Key Values

Purple Owl Publishing is built on the following values:

• Education
• Community
• Inspiration

Debra A. Harkins

Khanda’s Adventures

Her first book with POP was Khanda’s Adventure through the Milky Way, a children’s story inspired by her own grandchildren and great nieces and nephews with a powerful message embedded within: never let anyone take your voice from you. 

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