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Just in time for Thanksgiving
| Susan Lamanna | , ,

A heartfelt and lushly illustrated fairy tale portraying the importance of gratitude and family.

Miles and his father, a poor but loving carpenter without much work, live in a modest hovel and are often hungry without enough food. When a magical and tiny man appears only to Miles, Lord Biglio, as he is called, grants the boy a wish. It doesn’t take long for Miles to ask for a rich manor house with plenty to eat and plenty of gold coins, and soon he finds himself living in grandeur among noblemen and noblewomen.

Yet once Miles realizes that his father is not present, it is explained that Miles has been sent to the stately home to learn the ways of a noble household. When Miles is an adult, he will return to his father, who lives far, far, away, and bring him honor with his learned noble ways.

Distraught, Miles calls out to Lord Biglio, informing the little man to take away these riches; living with his loving father is far more important to him than all the riches in the world. As he is gratefully returned to his simple home with his father, Miles has learned an important lesson and is granted one last wish: his father’s favorite meal of a simple cabbage dinner. An unexpected surprise ensures that Miles and his father are never poor or hungry again.

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A book about a boy’s love for his Dad and the value of love over things. Miles makes the best decision when offered a choice between love and wealth, then is rewarded with both. And the pictures are gorgeous!  – Beth