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Khanda’s Adventures Beyond the Milky Way

A strong little girl goes on a wondrous candy adventure through the clouds.

When young Khanda dreams of her next big adventure, she imagines going past the marshmallow clouds of the Milky Way where she gobbles up all kinds of delicious sweets. As the young girl finds herself in a dreamy land of delectable gummy bears and lil’ peeps, her joyful song brings the ire of the angry Three Musketeers who order her to stop singing in the name of the King of the Sour Drops. Unfazed, Khanda continues her whimsical adventure, singing and dancing and enjoying her journey, until she finally finds herself back at home…dreaming up her next big adventure.

A sweet story with a fun play on words of favorite candies that will delight young readers!

Spanish edition coming soon.

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Empowering & Inspiring. This book is delightful and is a great bedtime story for your little dreamers. Very well done, empowering and inspiring. I love the illustrations and story. Can’t wait to read where the adventures go next…  -Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Khanda is a brave and powerful girl. Khanda’s Adventures Beyond the Milky Way is a great bedtime, or anytime, story of a brave little girl and her yummy candy dreams. Khanda is a wonderful problem solver too! And the illustrations are vivid and colorful. We can’t wait for her next adventure! – Amazon customer

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle! This sweet story has an important message wrapped in a candy-coated metaphor! Khanda is faced with a sour message to stop sharing her joy through song. She cleverly finds a way to stay true to herself in spite of the king’s attempt to shut down her voice. I am happy to have this in my library to share the message of empowerment with the children I treat in my therapy practice! – dr. Elizabeth Doppler-Bourassa

What a great adventure! This is a great adventure story. And what a great subject for kids! Who wouldn’t want to take an adventure when there is chocolate involved!! Such a sweet story (excuse the pun)…….and the illustrations beautiful!  – Veronica Gallant

Highly recommended! Such a fun book for my kids! Easy to follow and kept them engaged the whole time with the descriptive words and great illustrations. They ask for me to read most nights of the week!  — Larry Martin Jr.