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  • Access Denied

    Barthelemy Charles

    Are you tired of feeling like you’re not making a difference in the world? Have you ever wondered why some people are left behind while others thrive in a resource-rich world? Access Denied will not only answer these questions, but it will also provide actionable steps for creating a better, more equitable world for all.

  • The View from the Fishbowl

    Elizabeth Crounse

    ***Amazon #1 BEST SELLER book in Physical Impairments Category***

    Locked in an immobile body, unable to call for help, JJ listens as a murderer plots the death of his roommate. Only he knows what is about to happen. Will JJ be able to prevent the murder and be the hero everyone needs?

  • Disabling Evil

    Elizabeth Hudson

    Disabling Evil is  hard-to-put down suspense story with the most unlikely of protagonist.

    A terrible car crash left JJ unable to move or speak, but inside his damaged body, his mind and spirit were as bright as ever. In the first volume, JJ stopped the murder of his roommate with the use of a communication device that allowed him to speak. In Book 2, he realizes that despite his best efforts, his physical limitations keep him from the education, career and social life he fervently wants. Disappointed and brooding, JJ befriends the young son of a staff member, and soon finds himself in the middle of a child trafficking case. What happens when JJ attempts to protect the boy and finds himself in the crosshairs of the predator?

  • Wandering Home

    Susan Verzulli

    “Those eyes! Long and heavy-lashed, again they drew her in. She was hardly aware of the rest of him; he was a creature of eyes, eyes that had hands to reach out and grasp. She looked away, feeling dazed, dreamlike. This encounter between her and the stable boy should not be happening at all. But it was.”She was a noblewoman, destined to marry a great lord. He was a poor boy who worked in the stables. What would happen if her father discovered their forbidden love?

    Also available at Barnes and Noble

  • The Passion of Broken Things

    Susan Lamanna

    ♥♥♥♥A romance story filled of two broken souls whose passion turns to obsession.♥♥♥♥

    When Dana met Ian, she fell hard. He seemed sensitive and intelligent and he was so hot she melted just hearing his voice. The passion was mind blowing. But Ian had a dark side and Dana began to realize she did too. Learn how love turns to obsession in this steamy romance. 

    Forensic psychologist, Susan Lamanna provides a spell binding tale of what happens when two broken souls find each other. 

  • Secrets of Jacob

    Debra A. Harkins

    Secrets of Jacob is a Jewish immigrant story of James who died before anyone thought to asked him about his family of origin. What deadly secrets did James try to hide? James youngest daughter reminded the author that people didn’t talk about such things when she was young. She thought he was born in England. Trying to find even simple answers turned into a genealogical puzzle with exploding family secrets and a deeper understanding of the suffering caused by antisemitism. Genealogical researchers, family archivists, or Jewish historians will all learn something new from this book.

    Also available at Barnes and Noble.

  • Chains of war cover

    Chains of War

    Born Under a Bad Sign

    During the Second World War, as the Nazis began their nine-month blitz over Britain, a young woman is evacuated from London to escape the violence and preserve the growing life inside of her. She safely delivered an infant girl on New Year’s Day in 1941. To escape the reign of Nazi terror and antisemitism, they separated the baby, Sylvia, from her family, who remained with her beloved auntie throughout the war.

    In 1945, her parents return her to London to begin a new life with a family she barely knew. This is the true story of Sylvia’s journey and triumph over a life marked by adversity—escaping the horrors of the Second World War and rise in antisemitism to find an unwelcome entry into America followed by a life of abuse, heartbreaking loss and more.

    Chains of War is Sylvia Harkins’ powerful story, as written by her daughter, from her humble beginnings as a Jewish child during the uncertainty of Nazi terror, Sylvia’s story is ultimately one of triumph and the power of inner strength to move forward no matter the obstacle.