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Dinosaur Seasons

Since I was six years old, dinosaurs have fascinated me. I knew they had been extinct for 66,000,000 years (except for birds, as I learned much later) but they seemed so alive to me! The carnivores that I learned about as a child were so incredibly large and fierce with those gigantic teeth, like Tyrannosaurus. They especially enamored me of the humongous sauropods like Diplodocus and Brontosaurus. They were as big as houses! I used to daydream about how large one of them would be if I stood next to it. Would it reach that high window? Could it browse from that tall tree? The dinosaurs had a mystique about them that other extinct animals did not have, as interesting as they might be. They were utterly unique in the history of the Earth.

My First Book on Dinosaurs

Since my fascination with dinosaurs started when I was only 6, I don’t remember the name of my first dinosaur book. However, remember owning a few of them. Sadly, I don’t even remember when I first went to a dinosaur museum. They certainly weren’t around where I lived. In fact, I don’t think I ever saw dinosaurs in a museum until I was a teenager. That wasn’t what got me interested. It was reading. I guess I can list a book or two that I had, but there was one that was not really a kid’s book that I remember reading and I can’t find the name of it online or the author. I also had a View Master about dinosaurs and I loved that thing. 

Suffolk, Virginia, USA – April 30, 2011: A square format studio shot of a red Fisher-Price 3D Viewmaster Viewer with one film reel resting against it.

Creating Dinosaur Seasons

I am so passionate about dinosaurs; I wanted to create something that really showcased that. I hope that my children’s book will encourage kids to develop the same love for these fascinating creatures as I have. Dinosaur Seasons, set to launch in the fall and will be available in most large and small online bookstores.


Susan is a retired psychologist/administrator that is most proud of her son and two granddaughters. She has many interests, including paleontology and history, and started writing early in her life. Susan wrote her first book when she was ten years old about horses. Now that Susan is retired, she plans to focus more on writing. Check out Susan Verzulli POP author page here on Facebook and Instagram.

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