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“Debra has been working Both as coach and consultant for HEP for a while now her dedication and consistentcy has been invaulable to all of us, Because of her we have grown both as a bussiness and as people, We could never thank her enough.”

James Shearer, CEO/President, Homeless Empowerment Project.

“Debra is an energetic visionary in the field of coaching and leading people toward change. Well informed and current in her methodologies, Debra brings clarity and focus to the table in the most challenging of situations. Debra skillfully directs conflict and misdirection to reasonable and mutual understanding in the most professional manner.”

Ron Tibbetts, Executive Director, Neighborhood Action Inc.

“Debra assisted us in getting through a difficult staffing issue by bringing the organization together to focus creatively on a common goal.”Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Sheldon Barr, CEO, Health Care of Southeastern Massachusetts.

“Debra Harkins is an incredible asset to our corporation. Since Debra’s involvement we have seen growth rates exceeding 25% year after year. Debra has taught our organization how to run efficiently (cutting costs and increasing profits) ethically and productively. Debra is a must for any business that wants to grow in the years ahead.”

CEO, Joseph Melville, Melville Candy Corporation

“Debra is an outstanding volunteer consultant with ESC. Since her arrival, she has demonstrated outstanding project management skills, excellent client relations, and has a great attitude and personality. She’s one of our best and our clients are most appreciative of her work with and for them.”

Lisa Cawley, Vice-President, Executive Service Corp of New England.

 “I have worked with Debra Harkins many times over the past fifteen years. She has provided invaluable career consulting both to me personally as well as to my company. She was vital in helping us to focus on specific goals during expansion and was happy to work around our chaotic schedules. Ms. Harkins challenged us to make cognitive decisions, not merely to perform “business as usual”. Finally, she worked tirelessly with us to help create solutions to our specific challenges, taking into account our mission and priorities.”

Rebecca W Brodie, Esquire

 “Working with Debra was enjoyable and fruitful. While helping me formulate and achieve my goals, she encourages creativity, holds me accountable and manages to do this all with warmth and humor. I couldn’t have asked for more! I recommend her without reservation.”

Karen Caplan, MSW, Certified Life

 “Our non-profit would not be where we are today without LCCCA, and we’ve only used their services for a few months. Debra is an amazing leader and knows how to be direct with the kind of delivery that makes people receptive. She guided us in constructing a vision and mission statement from scratch in a matter of hours, and we actually enjoyed the process! Simply amazing.”

Kathy Ferguson, Executive Director of Spare Change Homeless Empowerment Project

“Debra has been a tremendous resource for many business and life decisions with great assessments coupled with giving great advice and help. Good advice is hard to come by and consistently she has given a light in many tuff areas. I will continue to use Debra and her team and highly recommend her services.”

Greg Balestrieri, Vice-president, Melville Candy Company, Inc.