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Program Development

Program Development and Workshops

Our team has experience with academic curriculum development and grant-based program development. Our consultants can help with all stages of program development, inclusive of:

  • Grant writing help
  • Clarifying program goals and learning objectives
  • Writing program curriculums
  • Identifying and measuring relevant outcomes

Preparing Emerging Adults

The high school-to-college and college-to-workforce transition can be times of both triumph and stress for young people. We offer program development, workshops, and individual consultation services that focus on student life transitions, especially college and career readiness.

Services may include:

  • Therapeutic program development for organizations and schools
  • Coaching and skill building in coping, emotion regulation, and goal-setting
  • College preparation and career readiness counseling

Supporting Young People

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, collective trauma has had devastating impacts on young people while complicating efforts to support young people. Our consulting services focus not only on building the skills and resources to nurture resilience and healing among young people, but also on providing teams with space for reflection and peer support.

These offerings can include workshops, coaching, and consulting services related to:

  • Curriculum development for departments, counseling teams, and advisors
  • Organizational consulting for universities and schools
  • Individual coaching for counselors, advisors, faculty, and managers