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Leadership Development

Leadership Development and Team-Building

Leadership and Team Development

Many teams struggle to establish a group identity; resolve conflicts as they arise; and balance individual goals against the group needs. 

We have experience training and supporting boards of trustees, faculty and administrators, and student leaders to navigate challenging transitions; build trust within teams; and develop the confidence to achieve team goals.

This process can include:

  • Evaluation of team performance
  • Training and education of group members
  • Conflict resolution
  • Identification of needed skills and talents
  • Exploration and analysis of team dynamics, objectives, and goals
  • Team relationship building and skill development
  • Holding dialogues to pursue alignment between teams and organizations

Executive Coaching

Leadership can often be lonely–despite networks of institutional support, leaders often struggle to find space to process business challenges. Our executive coaches provide a productive place to explore professional goals and organizational needs.

Topics discussed during executive coaching sessions may include:

  • Processing difficult business decisions
  • Designing and implementing strategic planning retreats
  • Developing buy-in for challenging or unpopular initiatives
  • Identifying strategies for team building and conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts arise even within strong teams, and outside support can be critical to maintaining healthy group dynamics. Sometimes conflict resolution emerges as part of broader consulting projects, but sometimes it provides a starting point for building a stronger, more inclusive organization.

Our consultants have experience guiding leaders and teams through processes of conflict management, team relationship building, power analysis, and restorative justice.  We have worked with educators, administrators, students, and community organizations to identify, advocate for, and address team needs.