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A rainbow peace sign similar to the ones that inspired me in the 1970's as a teenager
A rainbow peace sign similar to the ones that inspired me in the 1970’s as a teenager

How it Started

Several weeks ago, I had a deep injury happen to a couple of my fingers. It has taken time and tenacity to heal them, and I find this K tape I am sporting in my Meet the Author’s interview launching on the Purple Owl Publishing YouTube page on June 27th, really helps them to feel secure. We were out the other day, my husband and I, when I ran into a current fan, a former student. As usual, I flashed him a peace sign, but this time with blue fingers. He responded with great excitement and thought that was so cool! So, the blue finger family started here.

Blue Finger Gang of Peace

I flash peace signs because I grew up in the 1970s as a teenager. It was the 1960s and 70s when the peace sign meant something; more so than today. From my perspective, it stood for something much greater: solidarity in peace. And there is peace and solidarity. As I revive the stories from my early days, I feel it is important to revive the symbolism of the peace sign. Hence, the blue fingered flash has been born! Colors will change at whim!!

The Blue Finger Vision

Now that my blue fingers have caught wind, I was thinking of turning it into a Desi Trademark. One that my followers can take part in. That way, when I am traveling and am at book readings, my fans can identify each other easily and we can become a blue finger family. If they adopted it, I would, of course, like to ensure that my followers were using tape with skin friendly materials. 

For More on Desi

For more details about my actual injury, and the conversation behind the interaction about the blue peace sign, go to and subscribe to the purple owl publishing newsletter. Also, check out my socials here and pre-order my first book Skateboard Escape here


Desi Schell grew up in New York state, relocating to Florida in the 1980’s. For the last 22 years, she taught in public schools ranging from teen parent to gifted education programs. In 2021, Desi retired from teaching and partnered with Purple Owl Publishing for the purpose of bringing the Home Hotel series of children’s books to the public. She enjoys sharing her dozens of stories and shaping our youth in the process. Desi and her husband live in Florida most of the time, spending some time in North Carolina each year. For even more on Desi check out her full biography here. To learn more about Desi’s merchandise and sticker queen Lianna please check out her website here.

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