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Books for Children

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  • Animal Tales ABCs

    Animal Tales ABCs

    Chris K Pancoast


    Educator and animal lover, Chris K. Pancoast tells the delightful story of Charlie, Kate and Mary who go on a fantasy journey with a magical Cosmo. Cosmo teaches the children about endangered animals and ways to save them. The tale is told through an ABC format.

    Buy this engaging tale for children, parents and teachers and any lover of nature and animals.

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    Price: $19.97
    Also available at Barnes and Noble.
  • A lil' Twirly Story of Candy

    A Lil’ Twirly Story of Candy

    Debra A. Harkins, Thanh Huynh

    Candy. An illustrated humorous history written for youth and anyone curious about candy. Ever wonder when people started making candy? Is chocolate from Africa or South America? Ever wonder where bubble gum came from? Learn about candy’s long history full of wacky, colorful characters with plenty of twists and turns, a history as twisty as a swirly pop! Have you ever made candy at home? This book has loads of candy recipes that you can easily make. Every chapter has at least one recipe and a fun puzzle or game to play while you wait for your candy to cool down. All the while you’ll learn about the zany and bizarre history of candy!This book is for youth but make sure you have an adult overseeing your candy making. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up a famous candy maker!

    Price: $19.99
  • A Unicorn Called Starlight

    Aria Engal, Susan Verzulli

    Enter a little girl’s imagination as she becomes Starlight the unicorn! Journey with her as she travels from the land of the ice unicorns to a tropical island to fairyland to a dragon’s lair, riding on giant butterflies and sliding down moonbeams as she goes.

    Price : $11.99
  • Khanda’s Adventures

    Debra A. Harkins

    ***Amazon BEST SELLER in Children’s Play and Imagination Category***

    ★Khanda’s Adventures Beyond the Milky Way is an imaginative, anti-bullying and humorous story of a young girl who loves candy.

    ★ Khanda goes beyond the Milky Way during her first candy adventure to sing, dance and of course eats lots of candy. But the King’s Sour Drops try to stop Khanda. Will they succeed? Discover Khanda’s silly candy adventures and the power of standing up to a bully! ★ Book 1 of Khanda’s Adventures series – more adventures coming soon!

    Price: $11.99
    Also Available at Barnes and Noble
  • Miles and the Cabbage Dinner

    Miles and the Cabbage Dinner

    Susan Verzulli

    Don’t let the title fool you, this heart rendering tale of a boy, his wishes, and the adventure he takes is sure to remind you and your child what the important things in life truly are.

    Price: $7.49
  • Oh! We're little gardeners book cover

    Oh! We’re little gardeners: Sowing seeds, scraps and love

    Mary M. Williams, Debra A. Harkins

    Magda and Anna teach children to grow healthy foods. But then the COVID19 sickness comes and the children can’t go to school to get the healthy food. Can Magda and Anna come up with a plan in time to help the children?**All proceeds to a nonprofit that creates collaborations among public schools, higher education and businesses to empower underserved families in organic and non GMO gardening, nutritious cooking and healthy eating.

    Price: $9.99
  • Soup Joumou: Not Just a Soup

    by Mary M. Williams and Judith C. Mathieu

    It is New Year’s Day and Alix and Annabelle are excited to help their Grandma Cleo make a traditional soup to celebrate the occasion. As they gather up vegetables, Grandma Cleo explains why Soup Joumou is so important to the Haitians’ celebration.All proceeds from book and coloring book sales will benefit CEEDS4Change, a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness and educate in an effort to reduce food insecurities in underserved communities.
    Dual language, told in English and French Creole,

    Price: $12.99
  • Skateboard Escape

    Skateboard Escape introduces the girls Zelda, May and Lulu to the joys of the summer with the help of their foster brother Mitchell Marble.

    As Mitchell loses his footing and his skateboard escapes, will Teacup the pup take up the race? Read along as Mitchell imagines the pup on his heels running all over town, fueled by his fear!

  • Wonder Wiener’s Halloween

  • Simply Bella

    Carmen Veloria

    How a less-than perfect dog became simply the best dog for a family.

    Price: $11.99
  • Bella in the City

    ♥♥♥♥  Book 2 ♥♥♥♥ in the Bella series ♥♥♥♥

    Bella and her family head to the city but Bella is sad when she can’t join her family to the top of the Empire State Building. Will Bella’s mom figure out a way for her beloved Bella to go?

  • Snow Day Tumble

  • Dinosaur Seasons

    They are alive!

    The dinosaurs are alive.

    The dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals that lived during the Mesozoic era live in this book.

    They eat, they move, they breathe.

    So come. Walk and hunt and fly with the prehistoric creatures that grace the pages. Take a trip back in time. Because in our minds and imaginations these creatures still live.

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