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Susan Lamanna
Susan Lamanna Verzulli, PhD| Forensic Psychologist| Author of romance and children’s books

Who were the Therizinosaurs?

September 22, 2023
They were gigantic, as big as a Tyrannosaurus Rex. They had huge sharp claws, as long as the “grim reaper’s sythe,” as Dr. Thomas Holtz likes to say. They had bulky bodies, but their heads wer…

Dinosaur Seasons

June 12, 2022
Since I was six years old, dinosaurs have fascinated me. I knew they had been extinct for 66,000,000 years (except for birds, as I learned much later) but they seemed so alive to me! The carnivore…

Just in time for Thanksgiving

March 3, 2021
Buy on Amazon A heartfelt and lushly illustrated fairy tale portraying the importance of gratitude and family. Miles and his father, a poor but loving carpenter without much work, live in a …