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Mary William
Mary William, MSW | Social worker with focus on homelessness and food insecurity | founder and executive director of | St. Lucia and Boston | 781-353-8591

Soup Joumou: Not Just a Soup

October 29, 2021
Buy Now Book Context It is New Year’s Day and Alix and Annabelle are excited to help their Grandma Cleo make a traditional soup to celebrate the occasion. As they gather up vegetables, Grand…

Oh! We’re Little Gardeners Coloring Book

February 26, 2021
Amazon Based on the book, Oh! We’re little gardeners, by Mary William and Debra A. Harkins. Oh! We’re little gardeners Coloring Book is a 25 coloring pages to help children learn about plants a…

Oh! We’re Little Gardeners

February 18, 2021
Buy on Amazon A dual-language picture book addresses food insecurity and hands-on solutions for children. Magda and Anna teach young children about gardening and eating healthy, and they all wor…